Website Investment Approximation Worksheet

What is the approximate investment I'll need to budget for my website project?



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Website Options

What type of website do you need?

Upgrade Existing Site:
Take existing Website and transfer into
a CMS (Content Management System).

Requires a review of your existing site
and rebuild objectives.

This choice is for posts and articles containing
information as a primary focus.
A basic reader
commenting system is included. The security
option is recommended
if you plan to run third
party advertising along with your content.

Basic Contact Form
Stock Graphics
Stock Photography

Business Web Presence:
A standard website for a business or
organization, similar to a brochure.


Advanced Contact Form
Stock Graphics
Stock Photography

Selling products or digital goods on the
Some features may incur additional
fees on an ongoing
basis (ie. SSL, Shipping
Calculator, Advanced Shopping Cart functions).


Advanced Contact Form
Stock Graphics & Photography (when available)
Shopping Cart (wooCommerce)
1st year SSL Certification*
Payment Processing via

*may be issued as a refund depending on your
hosting solution.

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How Many Products?

How many products will you be selling through this website?

Product information and pictures are added into the shopping cart system for site users to search and purchase.

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How Many Pages?

How many pages on your website do you think you will need (not Posts or Products)?

The initial amount of business specific pages (home, about, contact, personnel, etc.) for your website.

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Who Will Create the content for Pages/Posts Initially?

Who will be creating the initial content page/posts on the website?

Developer does not create posts but does sub-contract the writing out. This option is per 5 posts with a 650 word maximum.

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Special Features

Check all the special features you may want to include in your website.

Gallery display for images

Slideshows (sliders) can be used on
multiple pages or inside of articles.
Sliders can also have animation and
videos inside of them, this also increases
the cost of production.

For information intake beyond
a basic contact form.
This includes surveys, questionnaires,
rental forms, etc.

Credit card processing on-site for
physical and digital goods.
Requires SSL Certificate.

Custom event calendar
management system.

Google Calendar installation.

Booking system for meetings,
services, or other needs. Can also
be set up to charge fees.

Review system for writers and/or
readers to rate and comment.

Forums or Bulletin Board
System for public or private use.
Moderator not included.

Autoresponder connection. This option
does not include template design,
feed creation or monthly service fees, if applicable.

Social media integration for visitors
to share content from your website.

Auto sharing of new content (posts)
to all your social media accounts.
We set up and brand 5 of your accounts.

Membership system to promote
engage customers engagement, create
monthly revenue, or provide other offerings.

This option only includes
the necessary software setup.
Translations not included.

Custom local directories for file storage.

For security reasons, downloadable products
should not be stored locally with
your website. We offer multiple storage
options and security levels. The
price for this item is set
at the most basic offering.

Internal firewall system for the website.
SSL Certificate and Site Monitoring not included.

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Business Email

Do you need any emails created for your business/organization?

Need email based on your domain name? (i.e.

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How Many Do You Need?

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Turnaround Time

How fast do you need your website?

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Final Approximate Estimate

The approximated estimated cost is:

Estimate Summary

Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :
I acknowledge that this price is only an estimate. Actual pricing of the website may vary depending on services being requested and any additional information provided through our Project Requirements form and interview process.